Pope in NYC: Watch Party for Pope Francis’ Address to the United Nations & Service of Worship for the World and Those Within

Coinciding with the Pope’s visit to New York on Friday, September 25, The Riverside Church and Union Theological Seminary have teamed up for several events, including a viewing party and special worship service.

The Riverside Church Turns 85

With roots dating back to 1841 at the Norfolk Street Baptist Church, through our first Worship Service in October, 1930, to the present day, The Riverside Church in the City of New York has played a valuable role in the lives of New Yorkers, and the world at large, in helping shape progressive Christianity, social change, and community. Our legacy of being an Interdenominational, Interracial, International, Open, Welcoming, and Affirming congregation has truly been a blessing worth celebrating.

As we celebrate our 85th anniversary on November 8, we invite you to take part in a myriad of ways, from displays around the church featuring photos, documents, and artifacts covering all aspects of our rich history.

We’re also pleased to unveil this fall the Riverside Community Services Corporation (RCSC), a non-profit, non-religious 501(c)3 is dedicated to building stronger and sustainable communities through social service, direct aid, and programs rooted in justice.

Read More: https://85.trcnyc.org/

2015 Homecoming Weekend is September 19-20!

Mark your calendar and make plans to join us for the best Riverside Homecoming Weekend yet!

Letter from Pastor Amy – Looking Forward to an Exciting Fall

It has been so wonderful to be back with you after several weeks of travel. My experience this week has left me reflecting on this time last year, when nobody recognized me and I had to convince staff to allow me up the tower elevators to my office! As I walked into the church this week, how wonderful it was to be greeted by you all with smiles and hugs and friendly words – what a difference a year makes!

Letter from Pastor Amy – Summer & Staff Update – July, 2015

I hope all of you are enjoying the summer! I miss seeing you these past weeks, but am so grateful for this time of rest with my family. As many of you know, the kids and I have spent the last few weeks in Hawaii with my family. In addition to enjoying some vacation time, I am also eagerly anticipating the coming year.

Pastor Amy on Summer Vacation

Pastor Amy is traveling this summer…

The Road to ONE Riverside Summer Bible Study Series

Every Sunday from July 12 through August 23, a member of our clergy or senior staff will be leading the Open Bible Study in 411 MLK from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Pastor Amy's Statement on Marriage Equality

In a world where despair at so much injustice seems perpetually overwhelming, we joyfully celebrate moments of grace that remind us of the deepest convictions of our faith, that love wins and justice will prevail.

Pastor Amy's Statement on the Charleston Shooting

Words are insufficient to capture the depth of grief, anger, and despair many of us have felt as we heard the news of this violent act of terrorism fueled by a shameful legacy of racism in our country.

Letter from Pastor Amy – One Year Anniversary – June, 2015

As you know, this week marked the one year anniversary of you calling me as your pastor. What a year it has been, the months speeding by at a dizzying pace, and the experiences we’ve shared unbelievably memorable and meaningful. Thank you for the many ways you have welcomed me into the Riverside community and into your lives; I’m so grateful.

Pastor Amy & Rev Dr. James Forbes Named to Mayor's Clergy Advisory Council

Mayor de Blasio Announces Creation of Clergy Advisory Council to Further Engage Communities of Faith in Formation of City Policy

Riverside Parents & Guardians: Update Your Contact Information

As part of the focus of laity and staff at the Riverside Church to build a dynamic ministry for children and youth, we are requesting that parents and guardians with children and youth between the ages of 0-18 assist us in this effort by providing us with updated contact information.

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – May, 2015

I want to update you on ongoing shifts in our staff as we work to build a team to support the mission and vision of the gathered community of Christ here at The Riverside Church. Here are three important updates to keep you informed:

Elevator Speeches!

We’re collecting your elevator speeches!

Letter from Pastor Amy re: Staff Updates – April, 2015

Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed! It was so special for me to celebrate our first Easter together, to welcome so many visitors, and to be reminded again of the promise of resurrection. My deep thanks to so many of you for the hours of planning and hard work that went into making Easter so special.

I’m writing, as I promised I would, to update you on continued shifts in our staff and staff structure as I work to build a collaborative and effective team that will lead us into the future. Change, while an important part of life, is always difficult; I am deeply grateful for our continued conversations around change and for your gracious encouragement in what is a challenging process for everyone involved.