ArtsJournal highlights Prof. Colleen Thomas' choreography

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dance Colleen Thomas, associate professor of professional practice in Barnard’s Department of Dance, recently presented “Her(e) Repetitive Blueprint,” her first evening-length work of choreography as part of the 92nd Street Y’s Dig Dance! Series. The piece brought into question issues of social, gender and racial narratives, which Thomas began to consider much more heavily following recent national conversations around police shootings and sexual assaults on college campuses.
Writing for ArtsJournal’s DanceBeat blog, dancer and critic Deborah Jowitt reviewed Thomas‘s performance, noting how the piece forces the viewer to confront social themes through movement.
An excerpt:
“Just as I’m beginning to wonder how Thomas is going to draw this activity out into a full-evening piece, the lights go out. When they come on again, a shock! At least to me. Four men have materialized: Ehizole Azeke, Orlando Hunter, Marc Mann, and Nathan Trice. All are black, just as the women are all white. Thomas, I think, wants us to notice that fact and to consider gender and racial differences not as political or social issues, but in terms of human beings fulfilling together the dance she has created.”Read the full review (begins halfway down the page).Prof. Thomas joined Barnard’s faculty in 2007 and teaches advanced modern dance technique, introductory ballet technique, contact improvisation, and advanced composition. She is also the director of the Barnard Dance in Paris program. She is the artistic director of Colleen Thomas Dance and co-director for Bill Young/Collen Thomas and Co. Her choreographic works have been performed in Brazil, Estonia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan, and Venezuela, among others.

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