Here at Barnard, we “major in unafraid,” a motto that Angela Rose Myers ’18 has …

Here at Barnard, we “major in unafraid,” a motto that Angela Rose Myers ’18 has translated into her life and her career. In November 2020, she was promoted to president of the Minneapolis NAACP. A member of the branch since she graduated from Barnard, Myers has moved into her new role with a profound sense of determination and courage.

“At Barnard, I majored in unafraid. I’m glad to say, after graduating, I’ve been living out the word unafraid. As the new president of the Minneapolis NAACP, I’ve been able to boldly push forward the conversation on racial equity. From speaking at the state capitol to holding community Zoom meetings, I’ve had to put aside my own fears in order to address the true issues of systemic racism and white supremacy.

Being in a leadership role during these times depends on us being unafraid, but it also requires us to be beholden to the communities most impacted by racism. My goal going forward is to continue to amplify community voices by uplifting Black activists and community members and bringing them along with me as I am invited to new spaces and tables. The Minneapolis NAACP supports policy recommendations that community members have created and have been fighting for, like a major transformation of public safety in Minneapolis, increased access to affordable and safe housing, and ending the education gaps here in the Minneapolis public school system.

I believe we are at a turning point in American history. We can’t fear the unknown as we set out to make a change; we have to be bold, be unafraid, but also be rooted in the community.” —Angela Rose Myers ’18

Photo Credit: Nina Robinson

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