In the Spirit of Grace Lee Boggs '35: Students Honored for Contributions to the Barnard Community

activismstudent lifestudents Students and organizations committed to engaging and supporting the Barnard community who exemplify the spirit of philosopher and activist Grace Lee Boggs ’35 were honored by Student Life at the Barnard Bold dinner reception on March 29 in The Diana Center Event Oval. As Boggs said, “We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other.”

Grace Lee Boggs ’35

The following students and organizations were honored for their work.  

Bold Award for Coalition Building

First Generation, Low-Income Partnership (FLIP)

Kashaf Doha ’19Jessica Cruz ’20Kim Samala ’20


“We feel so lucky to get to work with you, and we are so excited about our continued collaborations! Your work in FLIP represents to us the best aspects of librarianship and is an inspiring example of student activism and mutual aid. With gratitude and warmth, Barnard Library.” — Nominated by Barnard Library staff: Martha Tenney, Kristen Hogan, Meredith Wisner, and Vani Natarajan



Alicia Simba ’19

Alicia Simba ’19“Since her first days at Barnard, Alicia Simba has sought to make this campus a welcoming and inclusive space. Her work on campus has focused primarily on addressing the needs of students of color. As a first-year, she began activist work through Extended Barnard Reach-Out (EBRO), calling attention to the need for intersectionality, and also by attending meetings held by President Spar and Dean Hinkson to address how Barnard can be a more safe and welcoming space for students of color following the racially charged events at Mizzou and Yale. In the years following, Alicia Simba has further supported her community by serving as the VP of Policy of SGA, on the executive board of B.O.S.S., and as a tutor for Harlem Lacrosse.” — Nominated by Aneliza Ruiz ’19

“The anti-racist work of Grace Lee Boggs was often dedicated to focusing on struggles facing Black people here in the United States. Alicia, although truly an advocate for anyone, is deeply committed to the community building and support for both Black students at Barnard and in New York City.” — Nominated by Alaya Carr ’19


Angela Beam ’18

Angela Beam ’18


“Angela Beam is a S-T-A-R. She is an ambitious, kind, and driven young woman who has dedicated an incredible amount of time to the growth and development of Barnard. From Rep for College Relations to Vice President of Campus Life to President of SGA, Angela has been a consistent positive presence on campus either advocating on behalf of the student body or fostering community through campus-wide events like the Tree Lighting Ceremony. But Angela is not just a student leader; she’s an artist, political junkie… and lover of Diana’s signature mozz sticks. I cannot think of someone more deserving to be recognized for her time here at Barnard.” — Nominated by Aku Acquaye ’18




Bold Award for Dedication to Intersectional Feminism

Sophia Richards ’18

Sophia Richards ’18“With her anti-capitalist magazine, Mythos, Sophia Richards has created a thought-provoking platform for ideologically rigorous and unconventionally glamorous conversations with a diverse community of women. The site explores identity politics,

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