What better way to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth than with a puzzle featuring so…

What better way to celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth than with a puzzle featuring some of history’s most iconic women? As the founder of the female-run company @jiggypuzzles, Kaylin Marcotte ’12 seeks to champion women by featuring works of art from female artists around the world, like the piece featured here by Pakistani artist, author, and activist Maliha Abidi, “100 Iconic Women.”

“As a bootstrapping, first-time, solo founder, I am more aware and grateful than ever for the trailblazing women who came before me and for the powerful impact of sisterhood on every aspect of my life. From the very beginning of building JIGGY, I knew I wanted to give female artists a platform for their work and empower more women in business, so that has been built into our core values and products from day 1. It came very naturally to me to prioritize supporting and collaborating with incredible women, having had an amazing experience studying at Barnard and working for two female founders at theSkimm. Today, JIGGY is entirely female-run, and our artist partners get a percentage of each sale directly.”—Kaylin Marcotte
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