Be Our Guest [Parody] – 2022 JTS Purim Spiel

A parody cover of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. Featuring performers from List College and the JTS Rabbinical and Cantorial schools, this video premiered at the 2022 JTS Purim Spiel on March 16th, 2022.

Jonathon Adler (solo)
Rabbi Jan Uhrbach
Ingrid Barnett
Anina Dassa
Talia Kaplan
Justin Pellis
Marc Luban

Original Music: Alan Menken
Original Lyrics: Howard Ashman
Vocals: Jonathon Adler, Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, Ingrid Barnett, Anina Dassa, Talia Kaplan, Justin Pellis, Marc Luban
Parody Lyrics: Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, with Aiden Pink
Recording Engineer: Aden Fischer-Brown
Mixing: Aden Fischer-Brown

DP: Rabbi Jan Uhrbach and Aden Fischer-Brown
Videography: Christopher Hickey
Editing: Rabbi Jan Uhrbach and Aden Fischer-Brown

Recorded Live at The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.