Cafe Frederick

Cafe Frederick Harlem Parlor is a celebration of passionately brewed coffee, food, and a great beer and wine selection. Here, ideas and collaboration are encouraged. We believe that fresh brewed coffee, delicious crepes, terrific beer and wine, and a friendly, laid back vibe are the perfect backdrop for ideas to bloom and work to get done. Some come here to work on their school projects, others for coffee on the way to work, and more still to use our cafe as a platform for expression, where people of all kinds are invited to tell their stories to a receptive audience.


Established in 2014.

Cafe Frederick Harlem Parlor was opened on May 17th, 2014 in Harlem. The design of the place pays tribute to Frederick Douglass. The Café serves has partnered with Brooklyn Roasting Company to bring the best quality coffee drinks to Harlem. If you are hungry try one of the French Crepes that we offer on our menu: sweet, savory, or vegetarian options are available. Cafe Frederick Harlem Parlor still works to improve everyday to make out costumers happy. We hope to become a beloved neighborhood spot for good coffee, food, and a relaxing atmosphere.

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