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Feb 22 2024


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


AI & Photography: Ben Cheatham of MICROSOFT

As part of a speaker series related to the class Artificial Intelligence & Photography (VIAR 1603), Columbia University School of Arts and the Brown Institute of Media Innovation present a talk by Benjamin Cheatham, Vice President of Data & Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft.

Cheatham will discuss the role of images (photographic and simulated) as both input and output in Large Language Model based products being created for clients in creative industries such as advertising and fashion. Introduced by Naeem Mohaiemen, Visual Arts. Q&A led by Mark Hansen, David and Helen Gurley Brown Professor of Journalism and Innovation.

Ben Cheatham is VP of Data and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft. He directs multidisciplinary teams of data scientists, engineers, and designers, who co-innovate AI solutions alongside Microsoft’s strategic customers. Prior to Microsoft, he led the North American team at QuantumBlack, which specialized in delivering AI solutions for private, public and social sectors. After graduating with a master’s degree in civil engineering from MIT, he pioneered McKinsey & Company initiatives in Artificial Intelligence. As the Global Leader for McKinsey’s Digital and Analytics technical training programs he was responsible for upskilling approximately 5,000 technologists world-wide. Ben has over twenty years of experience leading technical teams to build custom Artificial Intelligence solutions.