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Beyond Dystopia Roundtable

The second piece of a two-part event, the Beyond Dystopia Roundtable follows the Dry Ground Burning film screening on Friday, April 28. (Separate event: more info here).

How does art deal with end-of-the-world narratives? In what ways has art been imagining peoples and their connections among the many crises we have faced – climatic, political, democratic? Is it possible to imagine new worlds and renewed ways of being together within the dystopic present and future?

This event brings together artists and activists who imagine new worlds and connections through their work, amidst and despite the world coming apart. Inequalities, displacements, the militarization of territories, and threats against LGBTQ+ existences are some of the different topics they hope to address. However, rather than focusing on destruction, threat, and ruin, the speakers aim to inspire with a conversation about how art- in this case, cinema and literature, can imagine new ways of living.

This discussion is presented in conjunction with the screening of Dry Ground Burning on April 17, and Refugee Cities: Urban Dimensions of Forced Displacement, a two-day conference on migration and displacements.


Apr 29 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


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Columbia University - Jerome Greene Annex
410 West 117th Street


Columbia University - Heyman Center for the Humanities
(212) 854-8443
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