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Beyond Punishment: Stories of Justice and Healing

Join us this fall for the world premiere of Beyond Punishment: Stories of Justice and Healing, an original interview-based theater performance co-produced by the Justice Beyond Punishment Collaborative (JBPC) and Ping Chong and Company!

Written and directed by Kirya Traber in collaboration with the performers, Beyond Punishment follows the lives of four remarkable individuals who grapple with the intersections and impacts of interpersonal and state violence. This production, performed by the storytellers themselves, gives insight into their lives, leadership, and healing journeys*. Together, their stories encourage us to imagine justice beyond a punitive system that begets further violence.

Three free performances will be presented at and supported by the Weeksville Heritage Center in Crown Heights and Hi-ARTS in East Harlem on 11/30, 12/1 and 12/3. Come watch the show, engage in community reflections and a talk-back with the creators, and connect with community organizations and movement partners!  RSVP today: bit.ly/jbpctix

This production is one part of the JBPC’s campaign aiming to address the intersections of state and interpersonal violence, and strengthen our ideas and approaches to safety and justice that do not rely on punishment, domination, and supremacy. We are working to support our movements in offering compelling and cohesive stories and messaging to end violence, with the goal of realizing a world with justice beyond punishment. Learn more at https://beyondpunishment.org.


Dec 03 2023


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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