Interchurch Center

City Winds Trio (Flute, Oboe, & Bassoon)

From: 2022-10-19 12:5 PM
To: 2022-10-19 12:35 PM

Noonday Concert: Justine Lee Hooper

From: 2022-10-12 12:5 PM
To: 2022-10-12 12:35 PM

Noonday Concert: Carr-Petrova Duo

From: 2022-10-05 12:5 PM
To: 2022-10-05 12:35 PM

Books That Bind October 2022 - The Raven Spell by Luanne G. Smith

From: 2022-10-01 8:0 AM
To: 2022-10-01 6:0 PM

Lisa Daehlin, Soprano & Sonja Thompson, Piano

From: 2022-09-28 12:5 PM
To: 2022-09-28 12:35 PM

Maxim Anikushin, Solo Piano

From: 2022-09-21 12:5 PM
To: 2022-09-21 12:35 PM

Noonday Concerts: Leadlights Ensemble

From: 2022-09-14 12:5 PM
To: 2022-09-14 12:35 PM

Books that Bind September 2022 - The Dictionary of Lost Words

From: 2022-09-01 8:0 AM
To: 2022-09-01 6:0 PM

Merideth McNeal Exhibit

From: 2022-07-22 9:0 AM
To: 2022-07-22 5:0 PM

Blood Drive

From: 2022-09-26 9:0 AM
To: 2022-09-26 3:0 PM

August Books that Bind: The Island of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak

From: 2022-08-18 6:0 PM
To: 2022-08-18 7:0 PM

Books that Bind July 2022- Wild Women and The Blues by Denny Bryce

From: 2022-07-14 6:0 PM
To: 2022-07-14 7:0 PM

Blood Drive

From: 2022-07-11 9:0 AM
To: 2022-07-11 3:0 PM

Selections from Around the World

From: 2022-06-01 12:5 PM
To: 2022-06-01 12:35 PM

Annual Spring Concerts: TIC Chorus

From: 2022-05-25 12:5 PM
To: 2022-05-25 12:35 PM

Books that Bind May 2022 - Before the Coffee Gets Cold

From: 2022-05-19 6:0 PM
To: 2022-05-19 7:0 PM

Heritage: Scotland in Song

From: 2022-05-04 12:5 PM
To: 2022-05-04 12:35 PM

Classical, Jazz, & Broadway Favorites

From: 2022-04-27 12:5 PM
To: 2022-04-27 12:35 PM

Selections by Mozart, Bach, & Carter Huntley

From: 2022-04-20 12:5 PM
To: 2022-04-20 12:35 PM

Below the Surface

From: 2022-03-18 9:0 AM
To: 2022-03-18 5:0 PM

Books that Bind April 2022: The Reading List

From: 2022-04-14 6:0 PM
To: 2022-04-14 7:0 PM

Reinecke’s “Undine” Sonata & Copland’s Duo

From: 2022-04-06 12:5 PM
To: 2022-04-06 12:35 PM

Music by Richard Strauss & Manuel de Falla

From: 2022-03-30 12:5 PM
To: 2022-03-30 12:35 PM

Music by Famous Black Women

From: 2022-03-23 12:5 PM
To: 2022-03-23 12:35 PM

Books that Bind March: Outlawed by Anna North 

From: 2022-03-17 6:0 PM
To: 2022-03-17 7:0 PM

Winter Concert: TIC Chorus

From: 2022-03-16 12:5 PM
To: 2022-03-16 12:35 PM

Love Your Library Day

From: 2022-03-14 12:0 PM
To: 2022-03-14 2:0 PM
Books That Bind October 2022 - The Raven Spell By Luanne G. Smith • Morningside Area Alliance

Books That Bind October 2022 – The Raven Spell by Luanne G. Smith

The October selection is The Raven Spell by Luanne G. Smith

Meeting Date: TBD

The meeting will be held Virtually

Information forth coming.

Free and open to the public. Learn more about The Ruth Stafford Peale Library by clicking here.

Register Today

About the Book:

In Victorian England a witch and a detective are on the hunt for a serial killer in an enthralling novel of magic and murder.

After a nearly fatal blow to the skull, traumatized private detective Ian Cameron is found dazed and confused on a muddy riverbank in Victorian London. Among his effects: a bloodstained business card bearing the name of a master wizard and a curious pocket watch that doesn’t seem to tell time. To retrieve his lost memories, Ian demands answers from Edwina and Mary Blackwood, sister witches with a murky past. But as their secret is slowly unveiled, a dangerous mystery emerges on the darkened streets of London.

To help piece together Ian’s lost time, he and Edwina embark on a journey that will take them from the river foreshore to an East End music hall, and on to a safe house for witches in need of sanctuary from angry mortals. The clues they find suggest a link between a series of gruesome murders, a missing person’s case, and a dreadful suspicion that threatens to tear apart the bonds of sisterhood. As the investigation deepens, could Ian and Edwina be the next to die?




Books that bind book club of the interchurch center. Building bonds through books and conversation. New members are always welcome. Meetings are free and open to the public.



Books that Bind Building Bonds through books and conversation. Our club reads a wide range of authors and genres. Books that Bind is the official Book Club of the Interchurch Center located in the Morningside/ Harlem area of New York City, NY. The club was established in 2011 to build bonds and friendship through a shared love of books among the various tenants of the building and neighbored. Due to the Pandemic the Club is currently meeting on Zoom until further notice.



New members are always welcome! Click here to join the club.


Free E-Books!


OverDrive for the use of e-books is now available at You can download books to your phone and other devices through the Libby option, Kindle, or Kindle app. For more information, please contact Tracey Del Duca via phone at 212.870.3804 or email at


Campaign Code for Mobile Card: interchurchsummer21


Oct 01 2022


All Day

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)





Interchurch Center