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Celebrating Recent Work by Ana Fernández-Cebrián

Fables of Development: Capitalism and Social Imaginaries in Spain (1950-1967)
by Ana Fernández-Cebrián

Fables of Development: Capitalism and Social Imaginaries in Spain (1950-1967) focuses on a basic paradox: why is it that the so-called “Spanish economic miracle” – a purportedly secular, rational, and technocratic process – was fictionally portrayed through providential narratives in which supernatural and extraordinary elements were often involved? In order to answer this question, this book examines cultural fictions and social life at the time when Spain turned from autarchy to the project of industrial and tourist development. Beyond the narratives about progress, modernity, and consumer satisfaction on a global and national level, the cultural archives of the period offer intellectual findings about the expectations of a social majority who lived in the precariousness and who did not have sufficient income to acquire the consumer goods that were advertised. Through the scrutiny of interdisciplinary archives (literary texts, cinema, newsreels, comics, and journalistic sources, among other cultural artifacts), each chapter offers an analysis of the social imaginaries about the circulation and distribution of capital and resources in the period from 1950, when General Franco’s government began to integrate into international markets and institutions following its agreements with the United States, to 1967, when the implementation of the First Development Plan (1964-1967) was completed.

About the Author

Ana Fernández-Cebrián is an Assistant Professor of Modern Iberian Studies at Columbia University. Her research focuses on the historical shifts pertaining to ideological production and the transformations of the public sphere in modern and contemporary Spain, with a special emphasis on literature, cultural studies, film, and media. She earned her B.A. in Hispanic Philology from Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, and her Ph.D in Spanish and Portuguese from Princeton University. Fables of Development: Capitalism and Social Imaginaries in Spain (1950-1967) is her first book. Her second book project, tentatively entitled “Land and Water: Literature of the Commons in Modern and Contemporary Spain,” studies the relationship between nature, political and literary imagination, and communitarian experiences.

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Apr 09 2024


6:15 pm - 8:00 pm


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