College Funding Awareness Program In #morningsideheights

College Funding Awareness Program

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In this Free College Planning and Funding Seminar, Allan Katz, CCFS explains:

  • The importance of the FAFSA form and what it means to families.
  • How to appeal to the school of your choice to receive more free money (grants and scholarships)
  • What steps to take if you have lost employment or are or have divorced
  • What the new tax laws mean to your family (Hope Credit, Lifetime Learning Credit, etc.
  • How a PRIVATE SCHOOL can cost less than a STATE SCHOOL
  • New changes to financial aid programs by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Financial aid award letter analysis
  • Ways to pay for college without going broke.

Though college is expensive, with proper planning, it can be affordable and doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you think.

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About the Presenter:

Allan Katz, CCFS

Allan is a Certified College Funding Specialist and President of Comprehensive Wealth Management Group, LLC. He started his career in the Financial Services Industry 1991 and soon learned that one of the most important, yet least planned goals that people had was to send their children to college. This prompted him to learn the process and become a resource for families who want to provide the best education for their children at the best value.

Allan has been presenting workshops to educate families on how this process works over the years at High Schools, Community Centers, The New York Public Library, and on ZOOM for many years as well as counseling families who need help navigating this process.


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