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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Ashon Crawley & Dante Stewart

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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Starsky Wilson & Savannah Wood

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A Separation | Film Screening and Discussion

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Death and Dying in Islam: How Best to Care For Muslim Patients

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Dharma + Justice + Abolition

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Encore Transition Program Deadline

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Spiritual Generalist Training

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Death And Dying In Islam: How Best To Care For Muslim Patients In #morningsideheights
Death and dying in islam: how best to care for muslim patients

Death and Dying in Islam: How Best to Care For Muslim Patients

This course covers death and dying from an Islamic perspective, focusing on how to care for Muslim patients at the time of their transition and all consequent matters. Muslims place great importance on the preparation for death, dying and the afterlife. Students learn how best to support and serve a deceased Muslim, their family and community members. This course prepares chaplains, religious leaders, and community members on how to perform the Islamic rites and rituals of death. The following is addressed: actions to take when death is imminent; actions to take at the time of death and who to contact; rights of the deceased; ghusl (ritual washing for the deceased) and shrouding of the body; janaza (Muslim funeral prayer); etiquette of mourning the deceased; will writing and debt satisfaction; and cultural traditions vs. religious obligations.