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Deconstructing Racism in the Church: Lecture & Discussion

How does racism show up at church and how can we deconstruct it?

Discover how racism shows up in church and explore strategies for dismantling it with The Riverside Church Antiracism Taskforce to engage with Undoing Racism Workshop™ trainers and organizers Barbara Craign Major, Willard Ashley and Nathan Trice as they facilitate a “Deconstructing Racism in the Church” lecture and discussion.

Having presented many workshops for Christian, Jewish and other congregations, they are well prepared with stories, examples and good counsel on identifying and rooting out racism at church and on the value of the Undoing Racism Workshop to this process.

Barbara Crain Major co-authored the 2023 book “Deconstructing Racism: A Path Toward Lasting Change” with antiracism pioneer Joseph Barndt, a frequent visitor to The Riverside Church over several decades, who died not long after the book was published.

In their book, Major and Barndt wrote, “(R)acism is systemically embedded in all systems of our society. In the ideological, structural and cultural roots of our nation lies a self-perpetuating white supremacy that continues to dominate, define and divide the American way of life.

“An authentic healing process requires that before our churches can accompany the nation in addressing societal racism, we must simultaneously address our own racism within the church.”

“Deconstructing Racism” includes strategies and tools for lasting change, concluding that “when the identity, history and culture of the church are freed from the controlling power of race and racism, the potential for an anti-racist church is enormous.”

Win a free copy of “Deconstructing Racism,” signed by both Barbara Major and Joseph Barndt! Be among the first ten registrants to complete these three steps: 1) sign up, 2) attend, and 3) bring a friend. 


Feb 25 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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