Deliver a package and joy! Volunteer for DOROT's Passover Package Delivery

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Deliver A Package And Joy! Volunteer For DOROT's Passover Package Delivery • Morningside Area Alliance
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Deliver a package and joy! Volunteer for DOROT’s Passover Package Delivery

DOROT’s Passover Package Delivery brings hundreds of older adults and volunteers together to share warmth and companionship. Join us this April in Manhattan or Westchester to deliver a thoughtful, seasonal care package and connect by phone with an older neighbor!

“It was a pleasure speaking with the volunteer. It is a comfort having DOROT in our lives. The bag of goodies is a very welcome treat and very much appreciated. DOROT is a blessing for all the people you serve!” – Ruth (DOROT senior)

Dates: Sunday, April 3 (Manhattan & Westchester) and Monday, April 4 (Manhattan only)


Manhattan: East Side: Ramaz Middle School (114 E. 85th Street) and West Side: DOROT (171 W. 85th Street)

Westchester: DOROT Westchester (925 Westchester Avenue, White Plains)

Here’s how it works:

1. Pick up a Passover Package

2. Deliver the package to an older adult

3. Connect with the older adult by phone for 20-30 minute friendly phone call


Manhattan: Adults ages 18+ and families with children 10-17

Westchester: Adults ages 18+

Time Commitment: 1-time commitment of about 90 minutes

Requirements: a valid, US government issued photo ID for participants ages 18+.

DOROT requires all volunteers to wear a mask while participating in the Package Delivery program. For those volunteering on the East Side, please note that proof of vaccination is required.

Next Steps:

Manhattan (ages 18+): Register HERE

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