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Directing Thesis: Illusions

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Directing Thesis: Asphyxia

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Directing Thesis: Asphyxia

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Directing Thesis: The Sea Does not Reach Naples

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Climate Onscreen with NRDC’s Rewrite the Future

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Directing Thesis: Asphyxia In #morningsideheights

Directing Thesis: Asphyxia

Conceived and Directed by Jorge Schultz

Thursday, December 8 @ 8pm
Friday, December 9 @ 8pm
Saturday, December 10 @ 2pm
Saturday, December 10 @ 8pm
Sunday, December 11 @ 2pm

Columbia University School of the Arts presents Asphyxia, a directing thesis production from current student Jorge Schultz.

The poetic psychological thriller follows a detective receiving inpatient treatment after the serial killer murdered his partner and takes the heart away. As more of the detective’s lovers fall victim, seemingly trivial memories invade his deteriorating mind. Could the answer to the perfect crime lie in his past… and his not-so-perfect heart?

Content Warning

Murder, Sex and Suicide related content.

Run Time

90 minutes, no intermission


Joseph Kane – ANGEL
Isaac Allen Miller – ALEX
Roberto Aguilar – ANTONIO
Jaye C. Frasher – ALELI / ALI
Mollee Barse – ANA

Production Team & Crew

Director, Playwright, & Production Designer Jorge Schultz (student)
Producer Yining Cao (student)
General Manager Zhiwei Ma (student)
Production Stage Manager Eden Mullins (student)
Spanish Dramaturg Cristina Ramos ‘21
English Dramaturg Dylan Gurrera
Production Dramaturg Mariela Rivero
Assistant Stage Manager Qixuan Sun (student)
Company Manager KC Morse (student)
Set & Props Designer Nadja Antic
Costume Designer Macarena Salazar
Lighting Designer Josh Martinez-Davis
Sound Designer Max Silverman
Movement Consultant Mollee Barse (student)
Light Board Operator India Shea Derewetzky
Wardrobe Yvonne Jessica Pruitt
Backstage Jonathan Barbee
Props Ellen Valencia
Sound/Video Board Operator Yejia Sun

About the Artist

Jorge Schultz is a Chilean theater director, actor and playwright. Graduated with two mayors (Theatre and Design) from the Universidad Católica in Chile. Finishing his Master in theater directing at Columbia University. Winner of two national awards in writing and 15 years of experience in his own company writing and directing twenty productions in various theaters in Santiago, the capital city. In addition, he’s been leading a Sex ED podcaster for 10 years.


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