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Lenfest Kids: Spirited Away

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Directing Thesis: Asphyxia

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Directing Thesis: Asphyxia

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Lenfest Kids: School of Rock

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Directing Thesis: The Sea Does not Reach Naples

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Directing Thesis: The Sea Does not Reach Naples

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Climate Onscreen with NRDC’s Rewrite the Future

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Acting Thesis: Halfway Bitches Go Straight to Heaven

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Manhattanville Community Day Double Feature

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Acting Thesis: ORLANDO

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Complex Issues: 'City of Refugees'

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And Now Where To?: Trauma and Perceived Futures in Lebanese Cinema

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Lenfest Kids: School of Rock

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New Plays Festival 2022 | I’ve never planned to be on earth this long

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New Plays Festival 2022 | Tom

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New Plays Festival 2022 | camp champ

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New Plays Festival 2022 | Nine Ways to Plead With a God

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New Plays Festival 2022 | Pair

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New Plays Festival 2022 | This Hair I Tear Is Mine

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Women and the Silent Screen XI: Women, Cinema, and World Migration

From: 2022-06-01 6:0 PM
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Wallach Sketch Session

From: 2022-05-21 1:15 PM
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Visual Arts Class of 2022 MFA Thesis Exhibition

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Directing Thesis: Cleopatra

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Visual Arts Class of 2023 First Year MFA Exhibition

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Directing Thesis: She Walks The Air IX

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Free Virtual Streaming of "Odds Against Tomorrow"

From: 2022-03-19 8:0 AM
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Directing Thesis: The Sea Does Not Reach Naples • Morningside Area Alliance
Directing Thesis: The Sea Does not Reach Naples

Directing Thesis: The Sea Does not Reach Naples

Columbia University School of the Arts presents The Sea Does Not Reach Naples, a directing thesis production from current student Elena Vannoni.

The Sea Does Not Reach Naples is a play based on Anna Maria Ortese’s 1953 collection Il mare non bagna Napoli, a lively representation of everyday life in post-WWII Naples, Italy. In the building of the Granili – a grotesque emblem of Naples in the 50s, the writerly persona of Ortese guides us through a child’s experience of receiving her first pair of glasses, a woman’s inner struggle upon the life-altering return of her lost love, and a melancholic hope to hold together a family broken by the war. Traveling with Ortese in the inferno-esque reality of post-war Neapolitan society, we experience in each story the painful grace that evokes the cuore pensante (ever-thinking heart) within ourselves.

‘A Pair of Eyeglasses,’ ‘Family Interior,’ and ‘The Involuntary City’ are excerpted from NEAPOLITAN CHRONICLES by Anna Maria Ortese; copyright © 1994, Adelphi Edizioni, Milan; Translation Copyright © 2018 Ann Goldstein and Jenny McPhee, produced by arrangement with New Vessel Press.

Thursday, November 17 @ 8 PM
Friday, November 18 @ 8 PM
Saturday, November 19 @ 2 PM
Saturday, November 19 @ 8 PM
Sunday, November 20 @ 2 PM


Alyssa Commo – Understudy
Theodorus Aidan Elfaizy-Phillips – LUIGINO / EDORARDO / CLERK
Francesca Litterio – ANTONIA LOSAUIO
Kelsey Malanowski – ROSA / SIGNORA F
Loredana Piedimonte – Italian Narration
Celeste Vandermillen – MARIUCCIA / ANASTASIA
Avery Withers – EUGENIA / ANNA
Sarah Maria Yannie – ORTESE
Mark Young – Pianist

Production Team & Crem

Director Elena Vannoni
Playwright | Dramaturg Siting Yang
Production Stage Manager Mia Qin
Assistant Stage Manager Jenna Coffey
Scenic & Prop Designer Jiaying Zhang
Associate Scenic Designer Oscar Escobedo
Costume Designer Karen Boyer
Lighting Designer Betsy Chester
Projection Designer Vivienne Shaw
Sound Designer Lucky Bommireddy
Assistant Director Qi Wang
Producer Michael Lee
Company Manager David O’Brien
General Manager Zhiwei Ma
Wardrobe Run Crew Emily Everett
Backstage Run Crew Sophie Mclntosh
Lighting Board Operator Colin Wulff
Prop Run Crew Milton Espinoza Jr.
Sound/Video Operator Yejia Sun

About the Director

Elena Vannoni is an experienced designer and director who has created work across the globe, with numerous productions in Florence, Rome, Berlin, and Los Angeles. She was a visiting professor at l’Universität der Künste in Berlin, and has earned degrees from the Istituto d’Arte (costume design), the Florence University of Literature and Philosophy (Music and Theatre), and Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica S. d’Amico (Theatre Directing). She was awarded Best Theatre Director in Italy’s 2005 M.I.U.R.: National Award of Arts for A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov.


Register Here

There is a limit of one (1) reservation per person and each reservation must be held in the name of the guest attending the event. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate late seating.


Nov 17 2022


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)



Lenfest Center for the Arts
615 W. 129 Street


Columbia University - Lenfest Center for the Arts

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