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Spiritual Generalist Training

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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Ashon Crawley & Dante Stewart

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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Starsky Wilson & Savannah Wood

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A Separation | Film Screening and Discussion

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Death and Dying in Islam: How Best to Care For Muslim Patients

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Dharma + Justice + Abolition

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Encore Transition Program Deadline

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Spiritual Generalist Training

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Encore Transition Program Deadline In #morningsideheights

Encore Transition Program Deadline

Union Theological Seminary is pleased to accept applications for our twelfth cohort of the Encore Transition Program as we continue our efforts to train social justice advocates. Participants aged 55 and older will spend four months engaged in a bi-weekly process of discernment about their “encore” – or “second” – stage of life. Learn more.

Participants will:

    • Explore your “encore” stage of life and discover ways to turns one’s values and faith into action, in real-life situations
    • Complete readings and exercises designed to provoke self-reflection and contemplation
    • Participate in field experiences or one-on-one mentoring opportunities in your specific areas of interest
    • Develop an individualized plan for a life of social justice and social purpose

With a maximum number of 10-12 slots, we are expecting a competitive application process. Early applicants will receive preference.


Dec 09 2022


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Union Theological Seminary
3041 Broadway at 121st Street, New York, NY 10027


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