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Trace and Aura. A Talk by Patrick Boucheron

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What Do We Owe to Each Other? Some Historical Reflections on Civic Obligations, Dissent and Compliance After the Pandemic

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France Between Two Rounds: Analyzing the French Political Landscape

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Climate Change and the Future of Our CitiesFilm screening: The Lovely Month of May

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Midday Music Concert

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Maison Atlas. A novel by Alice Kaplan

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The Republic and her others: Race and Nation in France in 2000s

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Politics of History in Politics: On the Eve of the French Elections

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I Was a French Muslim, a memoir by Mokhtar Mokhtefi

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A Study of the Consequences of Colonial Oppression in Algeria

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A Masterclass with Director Axelle Ropert, moderated by Shanny Peer

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A Masterclass with Director Leyla Bouzid

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Screening As I Open My Eyes

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France Between Two Rounds: Analyzing The French Political Landscape • Morningside Area Alliance
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France Between Two Rounds: Analyzing the French Political Landscape

A Virtual Panel with Florence Haegel, Isabelle Guinaudeau, and Vincent Tiberj

2022 marks the third time in the last twenty years that a candidate of the far right has advanced to the second round of presidential elections. Many expect this contest between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen to be closer than the last, noting the continued trend toward the extremes in French domestic politics and in Europe more generally. As France prepares to vote on April 24, this panel will will bring together experts on French society and the electoral process in order to analyze democratic transformations, electoral participation, the evolution of public opinion, the role of electoral promises and political polarization in France. This discussion will take place in English.
Florence Haegel is Professor of Political Science at Sciences Po. She has been the head of the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics since January 2017 Her research focuses on political parties, politicization, political socialisation and participation. Her work on political parties deals more specifically with the transformation of the French right (Haegel, Les droites en fusion, 2012).
Isabelle Guinaudeau is a CNRS political scientist at the Centre Emile Durkheim, Sciences Po Bordeaux. Her research is at the juncture between electoral studies, public opinion and public policy. She is involved in several collaborative research projects on agenda-setting (Comparative Agendas Project ; Projet Agendas France) and was the principal investigator of the ANR project Partipol, a large project on partisanship in policymaking.
Vincent Tiberj is a University Professor and Researcher at Sciences Po Bordeaux. He is a specialist in electoral sociology and political psychology. He is particularly interested in the analysis of electoral behavior in France, Europe, and the United States, as well as in the way “ordinary” citizens reason, social and ethnic inequalities, and xenophobic prejudices.
This event is jointly presented by Columbia Global Centers | Paris, the Alliance Program, the European Institute, Columbia Maison Française, and the Sciences Po American Foundation. 


Apr 21 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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