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Frenzy Fest Open Call

The successful “FRENZY-FESTIVAL”, a theatrical and short-film festival, focuses on the social and psychological vulnerabilities of people and communities in general, returns even stronger and more varied including short plays in addition to the short films.


Frenzy-Festival will include three categories: Filmmaker (Short-Film), Screenwriter (Scripts) and short plays. Barrio Independent Productions / Frenzy-Festival will select up to three (3) scripts for the Screenwriters competition, up to six (6) short films for the Filmmakers competition and up to 6 short plays for the theater category. Scripts, plays and short films can be in English or Spanish as well as in any other language (Short films that are not in English or Spanish must have subtitles). The scripts of the selected “screenwriters” category will be produced by BIP, turning them into a final product. (Every short film, script and play must revolve around some episode of “Frenzy”, a phase in which excitement seems to lead us to unconsciousness, and that can become negative when control is lost, or behavior transgresses what that society considers “normal”).


The Festival will have three categories and will take place in November with live presentations at El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 and the short films will also be exhibited online. For more information and those interested in submit can access the application by going to


Jun 16 2022


All Day



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