Morningside Heights Historic District Committee

The Hidden Gems of Morningside Heights

From: 2023-01-24 6:30 PM
To: 2023-01-24 8:0 PM
The Hidden Gems Of Morningside Heights In #morningsideheights
The hidden gems of morningside heights

The Hidden Gems of Morningside Heights

Join Gregory Dietrich as he takes you on a tour of some of Morningside Heights’ best-kept architectural secrets and more!

“Gems” in Morningside Heights – some hidden, and some in plain sight.  You may spot them around our neighborhood and wonder what makes them special, or you may actually live in one!  Don’t miss this opportunity to better know why Morningside Heights “stands apart” from all other neighborhoods.

Tuesday, January 24th

6:30 pm