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Getting Critical with Data: Data Activism with Data 4 Black Lives

Getting Critical with Data: Data 4 Black Lives

This event, hosted by BLAIS and the ERC, is proudly co-sponsored by IMATSCEPCSCBarnard Computer Science, and The Movement Lab.

Join us for a keynote by Data 4 Black Lives Founder Yeshimebeit Milner! In her keynote, Yeshimabeit will demystify how to use data for resistance in the fight for Black Lives

After the keynote, there will be a ‘Decompress’ session hosted by Data 4 Black Lives. ‘Decompress’ is a DIY multidisciplinary event space and movement laboratory that centers music as a Black technology, featuring DJs, dancing, and rest.

This event is part of the Getting Critical with Data Series.

Location & Time:

5:00-7:00 pm Keynote in Milstein LL002 (Chu Classroom)

7:00-9:00 pm Decompress: Movement Lab (Milstein LL020)

Grab A Ticket Here: dataactivism.eventbrite.com

RSVP required. Food and refreshments will be served.


About the “Getting Critical with Data” Series:

The year-long Getting Critical with Data series is a collaboration between the Empirical Reasoning Center and BLAIS. Our series will highlight how we can engage critically with data as creators, consumers, and learners, ranging from how data impacts marginalized communities historically and now, how census data collection is racialized, how to use data for activism and resistance, and the connections between surveillance and public health data.

About Data 4 Black Lives:

Data for Black Lives is a movement of activists, organizers, and scientists committed to the mission of using data to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people. Through research, advocacy, and movement-building, we are working to support the vital work of grassroots racial justice organizations to challenge discriminatory uses of data and algorithms across systems.

About the Empirical Reasoning Center:

The Empirical Reasoning Center (ERC) helps faculty, students, staff, and alumnae engage critically with data, quantitative, qualitative, and spatial. ERC staff provide empirical research support and technology training at all levels — from introductory to advanced — in statistical, textual and spatial analysis, and data visualization methods. The ERC also hosts events and discussions on the role of data in the fight for justice and data ethics.

About BLAIS:

The Teaching, Learning, and Research Services team at BLAIS is composed of Personal Librarians that help students find joy in doing research.


Feb 23 2024


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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