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Ask a Lender: Setting Goals for Accessing Small Business Capital

From: 2023-01-26 1:0 PM
To: 2023-01-26 2:0 PM

Goal Setting & Financial Projections

From: 2023-01-12 1:0 PM
To: 2023-01-12 6:0 PM
Goal Setting & Financial Projections In #morningsideheights

Goal Setting & Financial Projections

In this workshop, we explain how financial projections are more often about setting goals and tracking progress than they are about predicting the future. We will walk through how to prepare financial projections by emphasizing feasibility analysis and what goals you might want to consider to build success for your business. In addition, we cover pricing strategy, profit margin analysis, break-even analysis, COGS vs. Operating Costs, and how business activities are reflected in financial statements.