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HUD Colloquium Spring 2024 Presents: Dr. Yang Qu

The Human Development Colloquium Series Presents:

Dr. Yang Qu

Assistant Professor, Human Development and Social Policy

School of Education and Social Policy

Northwestern University

“Stereotypes about Adolescence: Cultural Differences, Consequences, and Intervention.”

Adolescence is often viewed as a time of rebellion and irresponsibility in the United States. Although not often based in reality, such negative stereotypes may serve as self-fulfilling prophecies for the youth holding them, shaping how they navigate the teen years. In a series of studies, I take a developmental cultural neuroscience approach to examine how stereotypes of adolescence vary across cultures and play a role in youth’s neuropsychological development. The findings demonstrate that teens are viewed differently in the United States vs. China with variation within Chinese regions (i.e., Hong Kong vs. Mainland China). Moreover, such views about teens underlie divergent adolescent trajectories, such as in academic engagement, risk-taking behavior, and brain development. Building upon this line of research, I developed an experimental intervention aimed at changing youth’s stereotypes about teens to promote constructive behavior during adolescence. Taken as a whole, the findings suggest that how children navigate the adolescent years is driven in part by social constructions of this phase of development.



Jan 31 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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Teachers College - Grace Dodge Hall

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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