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Imagine Repair

From: 2022-04-24 9:30 AM
To: 2022-04-24 5:0 PM
Imagine Repair • Morningside Area Alliance
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Imagine Repair


 1047 Amsterdam Ave. at 112th St., New York, NY 10025


Exhibition Opening: April 23, 2022, 3-6 pm

Performances and Events: April 23, 2022, 6-8:30 pm

Exhibition On View: April 24 – May 15, 2022 

Monday – Saturday, 9:30am – 5 pm; Sunday, 12-5pm


Join us to celebrate the power of community and care in neighborhoods unequally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Following several months of creative workshops engaging participants from across Upper N.Y.C. Zip Codes, the exhibition and performances express a collective desire for renewed hope, connection and transformative justice.

The opening events of IMAGINE REPAIR on April 23 will take place in the Nave of the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine and include performances and presentations by Alicia Grullon, Marie Howe, Fred Moten, Amyra Léon, Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, George Emilio Sanchez and Noni Carter with workshop participants, and a concert by Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir. Visitors will be invited to listen and share their wishes, hopes and demands.

The exhibition will be hosted in the Chapel of St. James at the Cathedral. This anti-monumental exhibition includes projects produced by community participants in ongoing workshops; collaborative installations of neighborhood stories and voices; along with works by Kamal Badhey, Jordan Cruz, Maria José Contreras, Judith Helfand and Gabriela Canal, Chelsea Knight, Susan Meiselas, Lorie Novak, Desiree Rios, Carrie Mae Weems, and Deborah Willis. In collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum, a satellite installation of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s A Crack in the Hourglass, An Ongoing Memorial for the Victims of Covid-19 invites the public to add portraits and stories about those they lost to the work’s online archive at

The exhibition is curated by Işın Önol, in conversations with multiple workshop participants, and assisted by Aya Labanieh. Curatorial and artistic contributions by workshop participants include Birim Bademli, Erachie Brown, Cathleen Campbell, Yves Dossous, Leah Elimeliah, Yiğit Eygi, Sonja Jean Killebrew, Seçil Koman, Candance Leslie, Sandra Long, Zahied Tony Mohammed, and Jim Mutton. The public performances and events are curated by Alo Gorozpe.

Admission is free on April 23. After that date, visitors are encouraged to purchase timed $5 tickets in advance at

Would you like to collaborate with us? Contribute to a Phone Booth for Anonymous Feelings – a project conceptualized and developed by Chelsea Knight, with Sandra Long, Candance Leslie, and Zahied Tony Mohammed. We invite you to share a brief memory of significance to your COVID experience. Leave your 1 to 3-minute story as an anonymous phone message at 917-781-4612. The public will be able to listen to a selection of anonymous memories during the Imagine Repair exhibition. The stories will also be hosted on our website.


Workshop Participants
Andres Fluffy Aguilar | Julie Panagiota Apostolou | Tomie Arai | Birim Bademli | Susanna Brock | Erachie Brown | Cathleen Campbell | Yves Dossous | Amy Fass | Mirta Feliciano | Alcira Forero-Pena | Maria de la Paz Galindo | Marilu Galvan | Marie Garcon | Sarah Gerth vd Berg | Robert Anthony Gibbons | Eileen Gillooly | Jose Hernandez Lozano | Eugene Jacobs | Temple Kemezis | Sonja Jean Killebrew | Secil Koman | Naomi Lawrence | Sheba Legend | Candance Leslie | Alena Lipatnikova | Sandra Long | Steven Lora | Nazia Malik | Andrea Mantsios | Robert McInnis | Deirdre McIntosh-Brown | Carl Medina | Benjamin Meyer | Zahied Tony Mohammed | Malgorzata Moore | Thomonique Moore | Jim Mutton | Marie Nazon | Scarlet Nunez | Dahiana Peña | Jasmine Perdomo | Ana Ofelia Rodriguez | Simone Salvo | Maday Sarmiento | Maria Sarmiento| Betsy Shevey | Benjamin Sinvany | Violeta Skevas | Nkem Stanley-Mbamelu | Mariana Tchen | Janessa Waiters | Ny Whitaker | Maria Liu Wong

Workshop Leaders: Kamal Badhey | Noni Carter | Maria José Contreras | Jordan Cruz | Carina del Valle Schorske | George Emilio Sanchez

Public Humanities Fellows: Linda Aristondo | Luca Castro Figari | Leah Elimeliah | Jose Gabriel Figueroa Carle | Mia Florin-Sefton | Fadila Habchi | Kristin Hankins | Guilherme Meyer | Nancy Ko | Barbara Perez Curiel | Luis C Rincon Alba | Sylvia Riveros | Laura Salvatore

Documentation: Gabriela Canal | Judith Helfand | Desiree Rios
Website and Graphic Design: Lex Taylor

Exhibition Curator: Isin Önol
Exhibition Assistant: Aya Labanieh
Public Events Curator: Alo Gorozpe
ZCMP Project Manger: Lee Xie

ZCMP Co-Directors: Marianne Hirsch | Diana Taylor
ZCMP Co-Organizers: Susan Meiselas | Lorie Novak | Laura Wexler