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Inside SPA Webinar Series | Social Emotional Learning

ORLA 6029 | Social Emotional Learning

Imagine yourself as a leader supporting a great place for learning — how does it feel for your students, teachers… you? What are the skills you want to strengthen so you can become the leader your community needs? Some of those skills are in the realm of EQ — emotional intelligence means being “smarter with feelings.” Together we’ll co-create a joyful, meaningful experience to define and explore the powerful, scientifically-grounded EQ skills that will support you and your learning community now and into the future. The World Economic Forum says EQ is one of the top skills for the future… why? What is it? And, perhaps even more importantly, how can we put these skills into action for ourselves, our teams, and as-soon-to-be-school leaders?

We’ll focus on three “lenses” in this course: EQ for you, EQ for relationships, and EQ for educational leadership — key perspectives on building an inclusive, positive, and successful school that supports the needs of diverse learners. Through experiential learning, deep conversation, assessments, coaching, and practice, we’ll work together to clarify and develop EQ skills. You’ll explore your own EQ, and learn methods and tools to apply EQ in your role as a leader, educator, and person.



Mar 06 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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