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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Ashon Crawley & Dante Stewart

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Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Starsky Wilson & Savannah Wood

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A Separation | Film Screening and Discussion

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Death and Dying in Islam: How Best to Care For Muslim Patients

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Dharma + Justice + Abolition

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Encore Transition Program Deadline

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Spiritual Generalist Training

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Just Conversation With Kelly Brown Douglas | Ashon Crawley & Dante Stewart In #morningsideheights
Just conversation with kelly brown douglas | ashon crawley & dante stewart

Just Conversation with Kelly Brown Douglas | Ashon Crawley & Dante Stewart

On Monday, February 6 at 1:15 pm EST, join Dean Kelly Brown Douglas for a Just Conversation with Ashon Crawley, Artist and Author of Blackpentecostal Breath: The Aesthetics of Possibility, and Danté Stewart, Cultural Critic and Author of Shoutin’ In The Fire: An American Epistle. Crawley and Stewart are also a member of EDS at Union’s Expanding the Moral Imaginary Through Film cohort. In this conversation, they will discuss ways that white christian nationalism and its manifestation within the Black church. We will delve into how this ideology has affected the Black community and the ways in which it has been resisted. They will also discuss the role of Black writers and artists in inspiring the next generation of leaders and the ways that their work can shape the cultural landscape. Additionally, the conversation will reflect on representation today in film and popular culture and its impact on shaping societal perceptions and attitudes towards communities of color.


EDS at Union’s Facebook Live series Just Conversations with Kelly Brown Douglas explores the racialized inequities intrinsic to our nation and our collective responsibility to create a more just future.

These 30-minute conversations featured on the EDS at Union Facebook page will invite activists and religious, political, and thought leaders to discuss their work being champions for justice. Videos are also available on the Union YouTube Page.