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Mar 25 2024


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


La Marqueta: Tatas & Tulips

Okay, we get it: Mammograms aren’t the most fun. But it’s Women’s Month, and high time to take care of those tatas.

That’s why we’re hosting a day of healthcare and self-care at La Marqueta. Project Renewal will roll in with its mammogram van to provide free screenings all day. And NYC Public Markets and Urban Garden Center will fill the sidewalks with tulips, for free pick-your-own bouquets to take home.

Grab your women friends and make a day of it! Plan a brunch or lunch date at Marqueta vendors Amuse BoucheCocotazo or Lizzy’s Treats.


1.  Each patient will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their COVID status.

2. Each patient must have a face covering, and if not, Project Renewal will provide a mask before they enter the van.

3. Eligibilty:

* Patients must be 40-85 years old.

* It should be 12 months since your last mammogram.

* Patients cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding. (If you are breast-feeding, wait until your breasts have returned to normal size for your next mammogram.)

* Bra size cannot exceed 44 DD.

* Patients cannot have implants.

* Patients must be able to climb 3 steps into and out of the van. (Handicapped patients in need of screening mammography can contact Project Renewal for assistance and will be referred to a partner facility that will accommodate those needs.)

4. Project Renewal provides free mammography to patients who are eligible.  Patients will be asked to provide their insurance information, however they will not be personally billed for this exam.  If you have insurance, the provider will be billed $250, and the patient will not have out -of-pocket expenses.  The ScanVan program will pay for any amount not paid for by the insurance company and if a patient is uninsured, the entire fee will be funded.