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Library is Open 8: Agonistic Assemblies with Markus Miessen

Markus Miessen will discuss his latest project, the edited volume Agonistic Assemblies as part of the 8th iteration of GSAPP’s “The Library is Open”

Agonistic Assemblies asks: how can spaces—both physical and virtual—be envisaged to create publics? How is collectivity and society being generated spatially and in terms of policy? How do we “practice” society as a bodily, spatial form, and how does this practice contribute to spatial justice? Are there specific spatial settings that can intensify these practices? What kind of spatial design can we imagine as platforms for change?

Agonistic Assemblies features contributions by: Zahra Ali Baba, Ole Bouman, Francelle Cane, Giancarlo De Carlo, Claudia Chwalisz, Kenny Cupers, Anne Davidian, Diane E. Davis, Erhard Eppler, Jesko Fezer, Joseph Grima, Amelie Klein, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Florian Malzacher, Markus Miessen, Chantal Mouffe, Gustav Kjær Vad Nielsen, César Reyes Nájera, Dennis Pohl, Patricia Reed, Vera Sacchetti, Nikolaj Schultz, Rahel Süss, Pelin Tan, Roemer Van Toorn, David Mulder Van Der Vegt, Sarah M. Whiting, and Mirjam Zadoff

Markus Miessen is an architect, writer, director of Studio Miessen, and Professor of Urban Transformation at the University of Luxembourg, where he holds the chair of the City of Esch, associated with the master programme “Architecture, European Urbanisation, Globalisation.

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This event is organized as part of Columbia University’s Dialogue Across Difference (DxD) initiative, designed to foster a resilient and inclusive community of learners among students, faculty, and staff and to engage with diverse perspectives and navigate challenging conversations with a shared commitment to mutual understanding and respect. Learn more on the University’s Values in Action website.


Feb 14 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


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Columbia University - Avery Hall
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Columbia University GSAPP (Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation)
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