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We Can Do It 2! Practice Challenge

From: 2022-08-22 8:0 AM
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Community Concert at Grant's Tomb

From: 2022-08-13 4:30 PM
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Bloomingdale Sharing Hour and BBQ

From: 2022-07-27 7:0 PM
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Virtual Flute Choir Concert

From: 2022-06-06 6:0 PM
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Memories of Childhood: French Piano Duets

From: 2022-06-03 7:0 PM
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Starmaker Machinery Iii: The Illogical Mixtape

From: 2022-05-20 7:0 PM
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Trios in Technicolor

From: 2022-05-13 7:0 PM
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10th Annual Guitar Festival

From: 2022-04-29 4:30 PM
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Dance in the Light

From: 2022-04-01 7:0 PM
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Faculty Concert: Dance in the Light

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“an Afternoon of World Premieres”a4ty: Student Composing Project

From: 2022-03-19 3:0 PM
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The Japanese Koto and the Music of Yumi Kurosawa

From: 2022-03-25 7:0 PM
To: 2022-03-25 8:30 PM

Piano Project

From: 2022-03-05 2:0 PM
To: 2022-03-05 7:0 PM

Faculty Concert: Elegance and Exuberance

From: 2022-03-04 7:0 PM
To: 2022-03-04 8:0 PM
Memories Of Childhood: French Piano Duets • Morningside Area Alliance
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Memories of Childhood: French Piano Duets

Judith Olson and her students perform works by Gabriel Fauré, Maurice Ravel, and Florent Schmitt, French composers who captured the imagination and adventurous spirit of childhood in these colorful miniatures for piano four hands.

Fauré’s well-known “Dolly Suite” was inspired by a charming little girl, whose nickname was Dolly. Ravel’s masterpiece, “Mother Goose,” is based on French nursery tales. “A Week in the Life of Old Shut-Eye,” by Schmitt, illustrates stories by Hans Christian Anderson.

Schmitt’s five stories are revealed to a little boy, Hjalmar, by a character resembling the sandman (Old Shut-Eye), who sprinkles milk into his eyes to put him to sleep, then places a colorful umbrella over him, allowing him to dream the wonderful stories. If time permits, each of the five students could say a sentence or two about the story his piece describes.


Jun 03 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)



Bloomingdale School of Music
323 West 108th Street


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