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Mar 17 2024


9:00 am - 10:30 am

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)


Seeker’s Book Study

Room 323 MLK and on Zoom. Register link.

The Seeker’s Book Study explores our spiritual side via the reading of books by progressive authors. Carl Jung noted that when religious people move into the middle-age, they struggle with the image of God ‘up there’ in heaven.  This class explores other metaphors for the divine which resonate better for those who have gone beyond the God image of our younger selves. This next book we will begin exploring is called “On Repentance and Repair” by Danya Ruttenberg.  We will also go beyond what the authors write by discussing our own experience and how it relates to each week’s reading.

A summary of the book: A crucial new lens on repentance, atonement, forgiveness, and repair from harm—from personal transgressions to our culture’s most painful and unresolved issues. American culture focuses on letting go of grudges and redemption narratives instead of the perpetrator’s obligations or recompense for harmed parties.