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February Narrative Medicine Rounds with Rachel E. Gross

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The Psychology of Wealth & The Financial Planning Relationship

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Exploring the Ethics of Maternal Healthcare Post-Roe

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Managing Credit Portfolios in the Current Volatile Environment

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Modern cybersecurity: A multi-disciplinary response to tomorrow’s threat landscape

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Wealth Management Speaker Series: Children & Wealth - Connecting with the Rising Generation

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VOLVOX: Making Narrative Medicine Happen Alumni Speaker Series

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VOLVOX: Making Narrative Medicine Happen Alumni Speaker Series In #morningsideheights

VOLVOX: Making Narrative Medicine Happen Alumni Speaker Series

A New Approach to Anti-Racism: Narrative Medicine in Medical Education with Sarah Holdren, MS ’20, and Yoshiko Iwai, MS ’20

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training for medical school faculty often lack self-reflective and pedagogically focused components that may promote incorporation of anti-racism and social justice into medical school curricula.

Yoshiko Iwai and Sarah Holdren will take us through two anti-racism programs they conducted for medical school faculty and students, using narrative medicine methods with critical race theory and phenomenology. Benefits included increased comfort discussing and teaching concepts of race in the medical school classroom, while providing a uniquely reflective space for personal growth.

The presentation will include discussion of building a new DEI curriculum, increasing institutional buy-in, and recruiting faculty.