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Trace and Aura. A Talk by Patrick Boucheron

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What Do We Owe to Each Other? Some Historical Reflections on Civic Obligations, Dissent and Compliance After the Pandemic

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France Between Two Rounds: Analyzing the French Political Landscape

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Climate Change and the Future of Our CitiesFilm screening: The Lovely Month of May

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Midday Music Concert

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Maison Atlas. A novel by Alice Kaplan

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The Republic and her others: Race and Nation in France in 2000s

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Politics of History in Politics: On the Eve of the French Elections

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I Was a French Muslim, a memoir by Mokhtar Mokhtefi

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A Study of the Consequences of Colonial Oppression in Algeria

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A Masterclass with Director Axelle Ropert, moderated by Shanny Peer

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A Masterclass with Director Leyla Bouzid

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Screening As I Open My Eyes

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What Do We Owe To Each Other? Some Historical Reflections On Civic Obligations, Dissent And Compliance After The Pandemic • Morningside Area Alliance
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What Do We Owe to Each Other? Some Historical Reflections on Civic Obligations, Dissent and Compliance After the Pandemic

A Talk by Nicolas Delalande, moderated by Emmanuel Kattan


Across the world, the Covid pandemic has triggered fierce debates about mandates, restrictions, and surveillance. While there has been a dramatic increase in state intervention on private lives and individual liberties, we’ve also observed mass compliance to very strict and demanding measures. Many of the debates that have divided political communities over the last two years have shown how challenging it is to strike a balance between rights and duties in modern societies. French historian Nicolas Delalande will offer a historical reflection on the legitimacy and sources of our civic obligations, shedding light on how state power, collective duties and individual rights have grown together over the last two centuries. In his talk, Delalande will also explore how our inherited conceptions of citizenship, deeply rooted in 20th century history, are put to the test as we face the challenges of climate change, global inequality, and global security.

Nicolas Delalande is a Professor of European History at Sciences Po, currently Alliance Visiting Professor at Columbia University’s History Department. His research and publications focus on the history of social inequality, political economy, and state power. His next book, Struggle and Mutual Aid, will be published by Other Press in early 2023.

This event is co-sponsored by Alliance Program, US Sciences Po Foundation, Columbia School of General Studies, Department of History, Department of French and Columbia Maison Française.

This event is free and open to the public. Proof of vaccination is required and masks are to be worn over the mouth and nose at all times. You can also follow the discussion live on Facebook.


Apr 25 2022


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Formats (virtual, in person, hybrid)



Columbia University - Maison Française
Buell Hall, 2nd Floor, 515 West 116th Street


Columbia University - Maison Francaise