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When Jews Made Fellow Jews ‘Other’: Hasidism and Its Opponents

From: 2022-02-02 8:0 PM
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Emotions and Reason, Experience and Intellect: Two Views of the Book of Psalms

From: 2022-01-31 2:0 PM
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Online Learning for Teens: The Origins of Human Difference

From: 2022-02-01 6:30 PM
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Trust, Frustration, and Confusion in the Psalms

From: 2022-01-31 2:0 PM
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Between the Lines: When I Grow Up

From: 2022-01-26 7:30 PM
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Online Course: Biblical Hebrew Workshop

From: 2022-01-25 8:0 PM
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The Importance of Shame in Rabbinic Tradition

From: 2022-01-24 2:0 PM
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Between the Lines: Sanctified Sex

From: 2022-01-24 12:30 PM
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Between the Lines: Embers of Pilgrimage

From: 2022-01-11 7:30 PM
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Online Course: Jumpstart Your Biblical Hebrew

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Between the Lines: Remember KHURBM: The Forgotten Genocide

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The Torah of Conservative Judaism

From: 2021-12-21 8:0 PM
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“It is not up to you to finish the work” (Pirkei Avot 2:21): On Striving for the Unattainable

From: 2021-12-13 2:0 PM
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Maimonides at Work: A Rabbi’s Workday in Medieval Egypt

From: 2021-11-29 2:00 PM
To: 2021-11-29 3:30 PM

Work and Social Responsibility: Balancing Financial Well-Being with Care for the Other

From: 2021-11-22 2:00 PM
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Rabbinic Book Club: In Dialogue with the Scholar

From: 2021-11-17 12:30 PM
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Between the Lines: The Posen Library of Jewish Culture and Civilization Volume 1

From: 2021-11-16 7:30 PM
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Conservative Judaism: Origins, History, Assets, and Opportunities

From: 2021-12-07 8:00 PM
To: 2021-12-07 9:00 PM

When Matzoh Bakers and Tallis Weavers Went on Strike: The Jewish Workers’ Movement in Eastern Europe

From: 2021-12-06 2:00 PM
To: 2021-12-06 3:30 PM
When Matzoh Bakers And Tallis Weavers Went On Strike: The Jewish Workers’ Movement In Eastern Europe • Morningside Area Alliance
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When Matzoh Bakers and Tallis Weavers Went on Strike: The Jewish Workers’ Movement in Eastern Europe

Part of our fall learning series, “Six Days Shall You Labor”: Perspectives on Work in Jewish Text and Tradition

December 6, 2021, 2:00–3:30 p.m. ET

With Dr. David Fishman, Professor of Jewish History, JTS. Check back soon for session description.

If you have previously registered for another session in this series, your registration admits you to all sessions in the series, and you may attend as many as you’d like. 


Many of us spend more time at work than anywhere else over the course of our lives—but are we defined by what we do? In this text-based series, JTS scholars will explore ideas about the meaning of work and rest in Jewish tradition, Jewish social movements around work, as well as the roles that gender, geography, and shifting economic and social circumstances have played in Jews’ professional paths and our understandings of the meaning and value of work.

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Dec 06 2021


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm




Jewish Theological Seminary
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