Who was Mary Magdalene? Although she appears prominently in the New Testament, little is know for certain about this Biblical figure.

Join Elizabeth Howard and Christopher Sweet in conversation, as they discuss Mary Magdalene’s many complex roles—from faithful apostle and seductress to feminist icon—in Christian history over the last 2000 years. The representations of Mary through the centuries have created a Mary who is often far different from the real woman, the first witness of the Resurrection in the gospels, or even from her appearances in the works of the Church Fathers. The discussion will consider relics, statuary, paintings, sculpture and recent works for stage and screen, and explore how Mary Magdalene has been seen across time as a witness, a sinner, a penitent, a contemplative, a preacher, and a patroness. A special focus will be on works of art in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This session will be hosted by Elizabeth Howard and Christopher Sweet. Elizabeth is the host and producer of the Short Fuse Podcast. Christopher was an art book publisher for much of his career having worked at Harry Abrams, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Viking Penguin, Thames & Hudson, and other houses.

No reservations are needed for this in-person discussion. All are welcome!