Free French Africa in World War II

September 24, 2014, a talk by Eric Jennings, in conversation with Robert O. Paxton and Fred Cooper; chaired by Gregory Mann.

Eric Jennings’ new book, La France libre fut africaine, (Perrin, 2014, forthcoming in English with Cambridge UP) is a study of French Equatorial Africa and Cameroon under Gaullist rule during World War II. It considers the centrality of sub-Saharan Africa for the early Fighting French movement, paying special attention to issues of legitimacy and coercion.

Eric Jennings is Professor of History, University of Toronto (fellow of Victoria College). He is the author of four books that have appeared in both French and English on various aspects of French colonialism, spanning the Indian Ocean, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia.

Co-sponsored by the Columbia Maison Française, Institute of of African Studies, and Department of History

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