New York City Civic Engagement Program, Barnard College

3009 Broadway

New York, NY 10027


Prof. Jonathan Rieder
Professor of Sociology
Director, New York City Civic Engagement Program
(212) 854-4359


Junea Williams-Edmund
Associate Director, Civic Engagement
Career Development
(212) 854-4214
(212) 854-2188 (Fax)

Founded in 2003, Barnard College’s New York City Civic Engagement Program (NYCCEP) introduces individuals to community leaders and activists, organizations, and strategies to help them advance in addressing local and global issues.


NYCCEP aids Barnard College in using the city’s resources in a thoughtful way, and to educate students to become active, engaged citizens and leaders of a global community.

NYCCEP’s goals are to facilitate ongoing activities between Barnard students and New York City and create new opportunities for greater engagement between Barnard College and the local community, as well as to develop ways for Barnard to use its existing resources to address community-defined issues and concerns.  In particular, NYCCEP seeks to:

  • Facilitate student civic engagement through internship and community service opportunities.
  • Encourage reflection on, and deepen students’ understanding of, complex issues learned in the classroom through their engagement with New York City organizations and issues to explore the interdependence of theory and practice.
  • Develop support across the curriculum for the study of issues and strategies related to public service, philanthropy, the not-for-profit sector, and the business and scientific communities.
  • Facilitate engagement between Barnard College and the local community by developing ways for Barnard to use its resources to address community-defined issues and concerns.


NYCCEP works with initiatives such as Barnard Reach Out, the Civic Engagement Fellowship Program, the Community Service Fair, the Barnard Community Involved in Tutoring Youth (C.I.T.Y.), America Reads/America Counts, Let’s Get Ready, Alternative Break Program, “Focus On” Dinners, and Theorizing Civic Engagement.

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