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“It’s All de jure: Turning a critical eye on the ‘Northern strategy’”

Presented by Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin-Madison


”Much of the talk about school desegregation is organized around notions of de jure (segregation by law) versus de facto (segregation by fact) to suggest that in some parts of the country segregation “just happened.” In this talk, I examine the ways that segregation was always legally sanctioned and supported, and how those supports have contributed to the ongoing education debt that ensures that racial/ethnic education disparities will continue well into the next decades. I argue that a critical race analysis is necessary to make sense of how the society regularly and continually corrupts any attempt to use desegregation as a social equalizer.”


Reception to follow in Everett Lounge. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact OASID at oasid@tc.edu, (212) 678-3689, (212) 678-3853 TTY, (646) 755-3144 video phone, as early as possible to request reasonable accommodations.