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Building Solidarities: Single Sex Institutions and the Racial Implications of Gendered Space

February 26, 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Building Solidarities: Trans // Racial Justice is a series of public dialogues that bring together activists, artists, architects, and academics from the community to talk about gender and sexuality, whiteness, and colonial spatial practices to examine urgent matters of embodied identity and its interactions with the built environment. These discussions will be driven by student research and facilitated by students in the Barnard and Columbia Architecture Department. All are welcome. The dates and descriptions of each dialogue are provided below.


Single Sex Institutions and the Racial Implications of Gendered Space will focus on trans* perspectives on single-sex colleges and the sex binary as a colonial construct. This dialogue will consider the built environments that separate bodies, and bodies that build themselves. This event asks: how can Barnard adjust to incorporate bodies that defy the colonial logics it was founded on?

If you are interested in joining us, you may register for the first event here.


Institutions and Gendered Resistance in Land Justice Movements will examine the ways in which institutions are subject to the conditions of white supremacy that reinforce racial hierarchies, gendered binaries, and economic dependencies. By examining these complications of institutionalization, the invited speakers will be asked to consider the limitations and potentials of community organizations and discuss the moments in which acts of resistance have acted as a tool to elevate trans/non-binary voices. Using these cases as a framework, the dialogue will further examine the role of gender and transness in acts of resistance.

A registration link for this second event will be shared later in the semester.



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