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How are Blockchains and Other Decentralized Technologies Changing the World We Live In?

As the fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, we are witnessing significant transformation in the ways in which we store, use, share and collect data.

Similarly, as IoT devices increase at the edge of the network, we are pushing a massive amount of data computation toward data centers.  We are faced with significant challenges relating to privacy, security, scalability, and reliability of real-time services.

The intersection of the Internet of Things and blockchain technology raises critical questions.

Join us on Monday, November 11, 2019 for a discussion among experts in the field in the following sessions.


08:30am: Registration

08:45am:  Welcome and Introduction to the Workshop

Session #1 (09:00am-10:30am): Internet Fraud and Abuse (Session Chair: Asaf Cidon). Panelists:

Damon McCoy, NYU, focused on bullet proof website hosting
Periwinkle Doerfler, NYU, focused on online account takeover
Guy Nizan, IntSights, focused on dark web

Session #2 (10:30am-12:00pm): Applications: IBM use cases and the Future of IoT and blockchain (Session Chair: Ramesh Gopinath, with Laura Loughran)

12:00pm-1:30pm: Lunch break

Session #3 (1:30pm-3:00pm): Advantages of blockchain in the context of IoT in comparison with traditional authentication solutions (Session Chair: Dan Rubenstein) Panelists:

Brian Levine (UMass Professor
Gowri Ramachandran (USC Research Prof.)
Danny Huang (Princeton Postdoc)

3:00-3:15pm: Coffee break

Session #4 (3:15pm-4:45pm): IoT edge computing and blockchain: Advantages and trade-offs (Session Chair: Vishal Misra)

4:45-4:50pm: Closing Remarks

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