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Decolonizing Interfaith Dialogue: Race/Caste – Faith in the time of Social Justice

October 29, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The process of globalization has inadvertently forced the rapid rise of economic, cultural, political, and religious pluralism, which has propelled increased interest in inter-religious engagement/Inter-faith dialogue over the past 15 years. While this development may be positive, we must carefully determine the structures in which such a dialogue will occur. For example, what methods are used to determine how such conversations will take place? How will inclusion and participation be decided? In other words, who will decide what spiritual traditions to engage? Vigilance is necessary to guard against a replication whereby the representation of historically colonial/hegemonic spiritual/religious traditions remain dominant.

In this conference/panel, the voices of the historically marginalized and often maligned traditions of African and Native peoples in the Americas will be elevated. Centuries of knowledge/wisdom on how to live side by side with different religious traditions without vying for hegemonic control will be shared in this dialogue. These crucial voices from the underside of history have much to teach us as we move forward in a true spirit of interreligious engagement.


Babalawo Joseph Carol Miranda (Lucumi Tradition)
Sumayah Soler (Islam Tradition)
Tata ndi Bilongo Alex Lasalle (Kongo Tradition)
Practitioner Maria Terrero (21 Divisiones Tradition, activist, performing artist)
Ismael Fuentes (Expert, Espiritismo Tradition)
HM Queen Mother Dòwòti  (Haitian Vodou, African Vodoun of Benin)
Rev. Dr. Aliou Niang (Diola, Islam, Baptist Traditions)
Padre Rocendo Herrea- (Roman Catholic Tradition)
Rev. Nikla Marrero Garcia (United Methodist Tradition)
Dr. Joshua Samuel (Dalit Theology)
Dr. Marta Moreno Vega (Lucumi Tradition)
Rev. Dr. Samuel Cruz (Luthern Tradition)




NY United States


Union Theological Seminary