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Food for Thought Lecture Series – Election Primer Mini-Series Part 1: Role of Media in the 2020 Election and Voting Issues During the COVID Era

September 23, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Online Zoom event

This talk will focus on presidential politics in the COVID era. We will discuss voting by mail, why there should be federal guidelines for voting and how that may be accomplished, and we will touch on the ongoing debate of popular vote vs electoral college and the challenges and benefits therein. We will also get into gerrymandering, voter suppression and fraud.

The second part of this interactive lecture will focus on the role of media in the Trump era. This would NOT be a critique or survey of journalism, but rather how and why media is consumed and how it has changed during Trump’s presidency. We would also define and discuss “tribalism” and its effects.

Food for Thought is a speaker series that welcomes a distinguished lineup of EMPA Faculty approaching the Covid-19 crisis and social justice reform. Each week a speaker will present their recommendation paper, highlight their perspective on the crisis, and engage in a dialogue with EMPA students, alumni, and other faculty members.

We are in a pivotal moment – full of opportunities for policymakers to transform lessons from the crisis into concrete benefits for their communities. While we cannot come together physically to exchange ideas, we believe we can leverage the virtual tools at our disposal to activate stakeholders and build out practical and innovative solutions to the crisis at hand.


The Zoom link will be sent upon registration.

Event Contact Information:
Valerie Zimmer
212 851 9550


https://zoom.us/ NY United States


Columbia University