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Giftedness, in its broadest and most varied conception, is evident in every elementary, middle school, and high school classroom. Nurturing the talents, passions, proclivities, and potentials of all students is a nonnegotiable obligation for every educator. As the rich, diverse profiles of learners and the demands of the 21st Century unfold, teachers require an ever-growing repertoire of pedagogical strategies to ensure these students are not overlooked. Differentiated curriculum and instruction remains at the center of our practice within the context of globalization, technology, digital literacy, creativity and strength-based learning.

In this workshop we examine the foundation of differentiation and also explore recent innovations in the field. We consider curricular and instructional strategies designed to enhance the optimal development of learners across all classroom settings. Gifted students (and all students) must be offered ample opportunities to question, critique, create, fail, collaborate, imagine, and innovate. The active and responsive engagement of students requires curricular modifications, management techniques, instructional strategies, individual learning opportunities, assessments, and authentic outcomes. Throughout this workshop, special consideration will be given to methods of differentiation that can be integrated readily into the daily learning environments of classrooms.

For more information visit: www.tc.columbia.edu/cps/gifted