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Featuring Jacqueline Gottlieb, PhD, Principal Investigator at Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute

This seminar will begin at 4:00 pm at the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, room L7-119.

Jacqueline Gottlieb, PhD studies the mechanisms that underlie the brain’s higher cognitive functions, including decision making, memory, and attention. Her interest is in how the brain gathers the evidence it needs — and ignores what it doesn’t — during everyday tasks and during special states such as curiosity. Her research could offer insight into disorders that involve deficits of attention, such as attention deficit disorder, depression and drug addiction.

Growing Up in Science is a seminar series initiated at NYU by Drs. Wei Ji Ma and Cristina Alberini in 2014. The speakers of this series do not talk about their science; they talk about the human side of becoming and being a scientist. They share their successes as well as the struggles, weaknesses, detours and failures.

This seminar is a joint effort of the Zuckerman Institute and the Columbia University Postdoctoral Society.

This seminar is part of the Growing Up in Science seminar series. For questions about this or future seminars, please contact series organizers Bianca Jones Marlin, PhDChiara Bertipaglia, PhD or Dr. Rainer Engelken.