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Irving Kalet, Columbia University: 6G – Yes 6G! The Radio Interface – Modulations

October 1, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

This seminar is presented by the DSI Sense, Collect and Move Data Center and the Columbia Engineering CS/EE departments

6G – Yes 6G! The Radio Interface – Modulations
Guest Speaker: Irving Kalet, Adjunct Professor, Columbia University

Event Host: Debasis Mitra, Professor, Columbia University

Abstract: The sixth generation of cellular communications-6G- is expected to come into commercial operation sometime between 2030 and 2035. And yet, in spite of the proposed date of operation, which is far in the future, many organizations, universities and companies have already started discussions and research connected to the radio interface of 6G. In this talk we will present a brief introduction of the 6G concept, followed by a history of the radio interfaces of previous generations of cellular communications, up to and including 5G-NR. We will then discuss some proposals, which have already been made for the modulation techniques to be used in 6G. These proposals are based on many factors, including the channel characteristics at the high frequencies (around one THz) to be used in 6G, and the high bit rates (terabits per second!) desired. In a number of the proposals, we see a return to classic single-tone modulations, including QPSK, QAM and continuous phase modulation (CPM).

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