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Promoting strong and creative movement for older adults of all abilities, MOVEMENT SPEAKS® classes bring more mobility, greater flexibility, better balance, socialization, creativity and increased vitality. Dances For A Variable Population’s MOVEMENT SPEAKS® programs, which heighten individual expression and community empowerment through dance, are held at 16 locations citywide! View all of the program locations at https://www.dvpnyc.org/programs/

During the winter/spring 2020 season, Dances For A Variable Population (DVP) presents
MOVEMENT SPEAKS®: free, community based programs of creative movement and fitness classes, held in senior centers, libraries and recreation center are for adults of all ages and abilities. The curriculum of balance-building, strengthening, improvisation, collaboration
and dance making are core components of the program. Based on the basic values of appreciating one’s own body and moving with other people, the programs promote greater mobility, self-confidence, physical awareness, social interaction, expressiveness in movement, and a greater sense of meaning. Dances For A Variable Population starts by acknowledging each individual’s history and takes each participant forward from that place.

The entire program is designed to be accessible to individuals of all abilities, using the power of dance in connecting communities. The classes will culminate in public performances at specific centers and in iconic NYC spaces such as Grant’s Tomb and Washington Square Park in June and Sept 2020 with legendary guest artists. Through this interactive experience, older New Yorkers become participants as well as audience members.

Participants to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for moving! Older adults of all ages
and abilities are encouraged to participate!