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New Sci-Fi Horror: Sputnik

February 24, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This event will be held virtually as a Zoom webinar and streamed via YouTube Live. There will be no in-person event.

To register and access live stream links, visit the event page on our website:

Register here for the Zoom webinar, or tune in on YouTube Live.

Please join us for a meeting of the Russian Film Club with speakers Eliot Borenstein (New York University), Tomi Haxhi (Columbia University), Julia Vaingurt (University of Illinois at Chicago). Moderated by Daria Ezerova (Harriman Institute) and Mark Lipovetsky (Columbia University). This event is part of our Contemporary Culture Series.

Taking heed from the Alien franchise—and rife with references to the original 1979 film—Egor Abramenko’s sci-fi horror Sputnik is the story of a Soviet encounter with an alien lifeform from space. Abramenko explores a relatively underrepresented genre in mainstream Russian cinema in a way that stays true to Ridley Scott’s genre playbook and simultaneously offers a critique of the state and the abuse of power. A body slowly destroyed from the inside thus not only provides many possibilities for dramatic blood splatter, but also offers an apt metaphor of the crumbling edifice of late socialism that is destroying itself from within.

The film is available on Hulu.

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