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The Thích Nhất Hạnh Program for Engaged Buddhism, in partnership with the Buddhist Council of New York, an association of Buddhist temples and organizations, is pleased to announce that it will celebrate its 33rd Anniversary Vesak event with a public program. Vesak marks the traditional celebration of the Buddha’s birthday in countries around the world. Celebrating Vesak involves making special efforts to reduce the suffering of sentient beings who are less fortunate. This event is open to all who wish to celebrate, children included!

The 33rd Anniversary Vesak program will include:

·      A short peace parade
·      Meditation
·      Traditional Buddhist chants
·      A Dharma talk by Ven. Saccananda (Theravada), Rev. Doyeon Park (Mahayana), Ven. Lama Pema Dorjee (Vajrayana)
·      Cultural performances