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Precision Medicine: Its Impact on Patients, Providers and Public Health
Day 1, Wednesday, April 24, 2019

8:30-9:00a Registration

9:00-9:15a Welcome and Overview of the Conference

9:15-9:45a Keynote: Harold Varmus, MD

9:45-10:15a Keynote: Paul Starr, PhD

10:15-10:45a Q&A, moderated by Alondra Nelson

10:45-11:00a Break

11:00a-12:30p Session 1 – Public Health in the Age of Precision Medicine
11:00-11:30a Naveen Rao, MD
11:30a-12:00 Eric Juengst, PhD
12:00-12:30p Rao and Juengst in conversation, moderated by Maya Sabatello

12:30-1:30p Lunch

1:30-3:00p Session 2 – Precision Medicine in Clinical Settings
1:30-1:50p Sophie Day, PhD
1:50-2:10p Catherine Bourgain and Ashveen Peerbaye
2:10-2:30p Tanya Stivers, PhD
2:30-3:00p Presenters in conversation, moderated by Ali Gharavi

3:00-3:15p Break

3:15-4:45p Session 3 – Precision Medicine in the Media
3:15-3:45a Antonio Regalado
3:45-4:15a Jonathan LaPook
4:15a-4:45p Regalado and LaPook in conversation, moderated by Nick Lemann

4:45-5:00p Day 1 wrap-up and announcements for Day 2

Day 2, Thursday, April 25, 2019

8:30-9:00a Registration

9:00-10:30a Session 4 – Patient-Physician Relationships in the Age of Precision Medicine
9-9:30a Jeremy Greene, MD, PhD
9:30-10:00a Matt Might, PhD
10-10:30a Greene and Might in conversation, moderated by Gil Eyal

10:30-10:45a Break

10:45a-12:30p Session 5 – Political Economy of the Age of Precision Medicine
10:45-11:15p Dana Goldman, PhD
11:15-11:45p Frank Lichtenberg, PhD
11:45-12:15p Goldman and Lichtenberg in conversation, moderated by Jack Rowe

12:15-1:15p Lunch

1:15-2:45p Session 6 – Imagining Precision Medicine
1:15-1:45p Christina Cogdell, PhD
1:45-2:15p Peter Lloyd Jones, PhD
2:15-2:45p Cogdell and Jones in conversation, moderated by Rachel Adams

2:45-3:00p Break

3:00-4:30p Session 7 – Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of the Age of Precision Medicine
3:00-3:30p Alta Charo, JD
3:30-4:00p Jenny Reardon, PhD
4:00-4:30p Charo and Reardon in conversation, moderated by Paul Appelbaum

4:30-4:45p Closing comments

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